Electric kickboard is the device which they have made new and launchedin the market because this is the upgraded models of the old kickboard. Afterall, in the old one, you needed to push the kickboard ahead with your feet andwith full power so that it goes ahead while in the newer model that is theelectric one you can push with the foot and along with that you can also usethe handle to rev the engine or the motor and then make the kickboard go fasterwhen doing anything. The best thing about these kickboards is that they can befolded into a small size and then they can be fit into either the trunk of thecat or else they can also e put under the seat of the cat or on the seat sothat the person sitting can have a comfortable time while doing this activityand then they can sit however they like because these kickboards have and thescooter has been designed that way so that they can help out the people andmake their lives, even more, easier than before with these robots and stuff.